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Elizabeth W. North

University of Maryland
Center for Envir. Science
Horn Point Laboratory
Cambridge, MD 21613 USA
(410) 221-8497



Ongoing Programs ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
OysterFutures: Integrating stakeholder objectives with natural system models to promote sustainable natural resource policy (Coastal SEES Collaborative Research)
betaLTRANS-ADCIRC Lagrangian TRANSport particle tracking model with 3D ADCIRC predictions
LTRANS-ChopROMS Hydrodynamic and larval transport modeling in the lower Choptank River
Gulf Integrated Spill Response Consortium
Integrating field methods and numerical models to quantify the links between oyster larval transport, connectivity, and population dynamics
Recent and Past Programs ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Can Raman spectroscopy be used as a high-accuracy method to identify bivalve larvae?
Modeling hypoxia and ecological responses to climate and nutrients
RAPID RAPID Deepwater Horizon: Simulating the three dimensional dispersal of aging oil with a Lagrangian approach
Workshop on understanding and quantifying mortality in pelagic, early life stages of marine organisms: experiments, observations and models (WKMOR)
Dynamics of larval fish ingress from the coastal ocean into Chesapeake and Delaware Bays
Dynamic stability and particle transformations: tracing pathways of production in Estuarine Turbidity Maxima
How do changes in physical conditions and megalopae behavior affect blue crab recruitment in Chesapeake and Delaware Bays?
Larval transport in a coupled-estuary-shelf system: a modeling study
Integrated models for quantifying oyster ecosystem services and guiding restoration in Chesapeake Bay
Modeling dispersal of oyster larvae in Chesapeake Bay
Advancements in modeling physical-biological interactions in fish early-life history: recommended practices and future directions
Do oyster filtration and wave attenuation associated with oyster reefs and breakwaters improve seagrass habitat?
A partnership proposal: technology transfer of a larval dispersal model
Fish recruitment and physics in the Estuarine Turbidity Maximum
Distribution and transport of bay anchovy early-life stages
Particle-tracking modeling: turbulent particle motion