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Elizabeth W. North
University of Maryland
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Open Source Code and Graphics

I. Sinking speed of spherical particles when Re < 800 (Fortran)
___program code: SinkingSpeed_Re_lessthan_800.f
___See Rob Campbell's web site for a MATLAB version (here).

II. Vertical swimming behavior of oyster larvae (1D) (Fortran and C++)

III. LTRANS particle-tracking model (Fortran)

IV. Habitat Volume Model (Fortran)

Image processing
These Matlab scripts written by Ian Mitchell and Christine Thompson support the semi-automated image capture system and image processing protocols described in Goodwin et al. (in review). If you use these scripts in your research, we would appreciate it if you cite this paper (citation below).

I. Sorts images (Matlab)

II. Measures shells of larvae (Matlab)

III. Detects birefringent material (Matlab)

IV. Stitches a mosaic (Matlab)

V. Calculates average intensity of blanked images (Matlab)

Goodwin, J. D., E. W. North, C. M. Thompson, and I. Mitchell. In review. Improving a semi-automated classification technique for bivalve larvae: automated image acquisition and measures of quality control. Limnology and Oceanography: Methods.

I. Surfer BaseMaps. Here is a free collection of Surfer base maps (.srf) and blanking (boundary .bln) files for estuarine and marine systems. Please send an e-mail to E. North to contribute yours! (Don't forget to place your name, organization, and source/resolution of coastline data on the .srf file.)
___Chesapeake and Delaware Bays (Surfer file, zipped .bln files)
___Atlantic Basin (Surfer file, zipped .bln files)
___Neuse River (Surfer file, zipped .bln files)

II. Automated contour plots with Windows application Surfer 7.0 and Scripter 3.0. An example animation produced with a program like the one below can be found here. To run the program, uncompress the zip file or put all individual files in a folder called "4Animations", open the program code in Scripter 3.0 and run the program.
program code: SurferScript_ETM_v1.BAS
level files: salt.lvl, sediment.lvl
sea surface height files:
, es2D54190.csv, es2D54280.csv
salinity, current speed, and sediment files:
________ ss3D54101.csv, ss3D54191.csv, ss3D54281.csv
basepost file: basepost.csv
ZIP file with all of the above:

III. Simple Scripter 3.0 Programs for Surfer 8.0. The Scripter programs listed here are simple instructional programs used to automate Surfer.
___Make_base_map.BAS and associated ChesDE_land.bln file.
______Place both files (.BAS and .bln) in C:/Test to run.