Where could the stripers be?
Use the information and links below about striped bass temperature and dissolved oxygen preferences and Chesapeake Bay physical conditions to answer the following questions . . .    
Water temperatures


1.  What months in 2003 had optimal water temperatures for striped bass juveniles in 
      Chesapeake Bay?


2.  Where were optimal water temperatures located for striped bass adults in May 2002?


3.  Will you find adult striped bass in surface waters in upper Chesapeake Bay right now?


Striped bass   preferences:  



Chesapeake Bay Program Monitoring Program Data (historical and recent)  
Chesapeake Bay Observing System Data (historical, recent, and real time)
Dissolved Oxygen Concentrations


4.  What months in 2002 had waters with dissolved oxygen concentrations in 
      Chesapeake Bay that could have stressed or killed striped bass juveniles and adults?


5.  When do stressful low dissolved oxygen conditions first develop in 2000 - 2004?


6.  Does the striped bass 'habitat squeeze" due to high temperatures and low dissolved 
      oxygen occur every year between 2000-2004? 


7.  Which month(s) are habitat squeezes most likely to occur?


Striped bass   tolerances:  



Chesapeake Bay Program Monitoring Program Data (historical and recent)
Chesapeake Bay Observing System Data (historical, recent, and real time)

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Note: the photograph of a juvenile striped bass was downloaded from Maryland Department of Natural Resources Juvenile Seine Survey web page and the photograph of an adult striped bass was taken by D. Flescher and was downloaded from FishBase.