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WGPBI Inventory of Operational and Preoperational Models

This on-going inventory lists websites that contain hindcast, nowcast and/or forecast predictions of 3D numerical models with special emphasis on coupled bio-physical models. This effort is sponsored by the ICES Working Group on Modelling Physical-Biological Interactions and was initiated by Stephan Dick, Elizabeth North, Morten Skogen and Trish Amundrud. If you would like to add or update a URL on this webpage, please send an e-mail to Elizabeth North at enorth@hpl.umces.edu.

Operational and Preoperational Coupled Bio-physical Models

MONCOZE - MOnitoring the Norwegian COastal Zone Environment
MRCS (Medium-Resolution Continental Shelf) model of Met Office, POL, PML

Operational ecosystem model for the Baltic Sea (BalEco)
The Water Forecast (DHI)

Mapping Sea Nettles in the Chesapeake Bay
Mapping Harmful Algal Blooms in the Chesapeake Bay
Near-real time depiction of the California Current System
Nested Interdisciplinary Models for the Gulf of Alaska (link 2)


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