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This web site was established by participants of the "Workshop on advancements in modelling physical-biological interactions in fish early-life history: recommended practices and future directions" (WKAMF) that took place on 3-5 April 2006 in Nantes, France. The objective of this site is to share products of the workshop with the international research community. Summary information about the 2006 WKAMF workshop and feedback from early-career scientists can be found here.

WKAMF Publications
WKAMF theme section in 2007 Marine Ecology Progress Series
(16 papers!)
(open access link)
WKAMF Manual of Recommended Practices published in 2009 as
an ICES Cooperative Research Report
No. 295 (link to .pdf)

WKAMF Program and Reports
WKAMF 2006 Workshop Program (.pdf)
WKAMF 2006 Workshop Report to ICES (.pdf)
WKAMF 2008 Collaborators Meeting Report (.pdf)
The Workshop on understanding and quantifying mortality in pelagic, early-life stages of marine organisms: experiments, observations, and models (WKMOR) will be held in Aberdeen, Scotland, on 22-24 March 2010. This workshop is designed to address the research needs and priorities that were identified at the WKAMF Workshop and WKAMF Collaborators Meeting. The goal of WKMOR is to:

a) Review current and emerging laboratory, mesocosm, field and modelling methodology aimed at understanding the underlying mechanisms that control mortality during fish and shellfish early-life stages;

b) Summarize the state of our understanding of the mechanisms that control mortality of eggs, larvae and juveniles, identify information gaps, and list future research directions as proceedings from the workshop; and,

c) Develop recommended techniques to quantify mortality in the field and model its impact on subsequent recruitment.


WKAMF workshop and products were competed under the auspices of the ICES Working Group on Modelling Physical-Biological Interactions. This page is maintained by Elizabeth North and was sponsored by the National Science Foundation grant for the WKAMF workshop (OISE-0527221). Any opinions, findings and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation (NSF).

Please direct inquiries to enorth@hpl.umces.edu.