Callinectes Research in the Atlantic Bight: Delaware, Maryland, Virginia (CRAB-DMV)

Elizabeth North
William Boicourt
Charles Epifanio
Richard Garvine
Michael Roman
Arnoldo Valle-Levinson

Ana Dittel
David Kimmel
James Pierson

Team members:
Jeff Biermann
Carole Derry
Krista Hozyash
Ginger Jahn
Pia Paulone
JT Reager
Zack Schlag
Tom Wazniak

Univ. of Delaware
Univ. of Maryland Center for Env.
Old Dominion University

Funded by:
NOAA Sea Grant College Programs of Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia

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Videos and Animations

Blue Crab Beginnings. This 6-min video introduces blue crab larvae, research operations on board the Research Vessel Hugh R. Sharp, and the questions that we are investigating.
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